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JuJu Hat - Bamileke Headress (Pink)
JuJu Hat - Bamileke Headress (Pink)
JuJu Hat - Bamileke Headress (Pink)
JuJu Hat - Bamileke Headress (Pink)
JuJu Hat - Bamileke Headress (Pink)

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JuJu Hat - Bamileke Headress (Pink)

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Our vibrant authentic Juju Hats will make any space standout.  The headdresses are handmade by a group of 20 Bamileke master craft women in West Cameroon. The Juju Hat is a symbol of prosperity and divinity in Bamileke culture from West and Northeast Cameroon. Feathers symbolize beauty as well as fragility.

Juju Hats were traditionally headdress worn by royal dancers during ceremonies held by the chief. They are created from natural or dyed chicken feathers stitched into a raffia basket creating an elaborate headdress that was sacred to the Bamileke.

Many Bamileke traditions remain intact and have passed from generation to generation as a source of cultural identity and historical pride. The combination of strength, beauty and splendid elaboration define the royal ceremonies of the Bamileke embodied in the elaborate feathered crowns which today decorate rooms around the world offering everyone a bit of prestige that was once a rare artifact reserved only for a select few. 

Juju Hats are a great addition to any room. One can mix and match with other colors that we carry to create an amazing authentic look for your space. 

Please note:

  • The headdresses are fully fumigated to ensure their longevity.
  • Each Juju Hat is unique and is handmade with love by master craftswomen.  No two pieces are exactly the same and there can be slight variations in color and size.  It is these differences that we at Cotton Blocks cherish most.
  • JuJu Hats ship within 10 days or Pick-Up in Store.


The headdress is made out of natural or dyed chicken feathers stitched onto a woven raffia support.  A loop is sewn into the piece to allow it to be used as a gorgeous headdress which can be used as an amazing wall hanging.  A string attached to the back is used to pull the hat open to its full breath. When not in use, the hat folds up into a highly manageable bundle which not only helps with storage but also acts to protect the feathers.  Please keep your dyed Juju Hat(s) out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.